Happy New Year 2014 !


What a celebratory 2013 &

Ushering in 2014 …

Christie’s November 2013 auction “DAYTONA: LESSON ONE” was an event that will go down in the history of Vintage Rolex, singlehandedly, elevating the prices of Paul Newman, Sigma Daytonas  as well as Big + Small Reds have all increased across the board.

Those Daytona collectors who predicted this phenomenon back in 2011/2012, I take my hat off and a bow is in due extension. 🙂 Full box sets will command premium, as determined by the free economy – as bidders crush others with a will to win, and conquer the first position. After all, wasn’t Paul Newman starring on-screen sometime in 1971 entitled “Winning”.

Rolex Day-Date STELLA dials have simmered down for a little on prices, hovering back down to around 13-16k Euros for a pristine set. Maybe in 2015 or 2016 will Day-Date see a new Model release…all but pure speculations.

There are some really exciting things coming our way in 2014, and for the next succession of 12 month time periods….Till we meet again — on digi-playgrounds.


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