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Rolex Story : An Interview with Giorgia Mondani

AK: With a brand new limited edition book release from Mondani Editore, is Rolex Story a result of Rolex Steel’s success from 2013?

Giorgia:  The worldwide market of books is changing a lot in the last period and our strategy is to provide very high quality books, prestigious limited edition and expensive items to a high quality range of watch collectors and enthusiasts. These customers still appreciate the “paper” of the books, the smell, the touch. They also like our assistance and services we provide. Every year we produce for them books which improve their contempt, images and aesthetics.

ROLEX STORY will be even rarer and we make only 300 pieces, all of them are reserved already.

We have another kind of books which are for people who need to study, look for watches, comparing the details and check the price guides. The editions for these type of customers are more “economic” and represent true guide to collect, buy, sell and trade wristwatches. We sell these books to dealers and watch enthusiasts worldwide and very often they decide to get the prestigious limited editions as well. Our books have become true collectible items.

The 2013 edition STEEL ROLEX was huge success; now it is sold out and everybody wants it 🙂 ROLEX STORY will be even rarer and we make only 300 pieces, all of them are reserved already.

AK: Prices seem to be trending upwards, especially with rare vintage Rolex models such as the Cosmgraph Paul Newman series with a record price of CHF 990,000 at Christie’s in November 2013. Where do you think these collectors are from? Why the sudden and obscene price tags on stainless steel chronograph models?

Giorgia: I think the Christie’s auction achieved impressive results but these values do not reflect the true cost of those pieces in the nowadays market. Environment, advertisement and marketing played a huge role in events like that but it also true that some collectors appreciate more and more the exclusivity and rarity of a watch. Conditions are also so important and now quality is very expensive.

Giorgia: I know that musician John Mayer bought a diamonds Daytona; other buyers should be from Singapore, Hong Kong, China, UAE, Russia.. All countries which are the new “rich” parts of the world.

AK: This is happening faster than I had predicted. It’s like Gold Rush all over again – history repeating itself. If you could turn back time, which vintage Rolex model will you buy and wear on a daily basis?

Giorgia: I love vintage and in particular Dato Compax and Moon Phases. But I would not wear them every day 🙂 I would keep them in the safe. I would wear a James Bond Submariner !

AK: 300 copies is considerably lesser than 599 copies with STEEL ROLEX, is there any particular reason for this gradual decrease?

Giorgia: As I mentioned, we want this kind of editions to be even more exclusive and rare.. Our customers look for this: they pay a high price but they know that they will have in their hands an exclusive, rare, prestigious piece. The contempt is also great.. We have included in 2 big size books the whole history of Rolex, describing all watches in detail, providing the updated value of all of them and we have collected many rare vintage advertisements. We found watches that were never published before. Quality of the photos has improved as well. We really did our best and I am sure our customers will love this edition !

AK: Will there be both a printed and digital edition to satisfy the reading pleasures of today’s technology-driven collectors?

Giorgia: We are not sure yet about the digital version.. So far, we are only sure that in September all copies will be delivered and the edition will be sold out.

AK: Numbers are but indicators of today’s demand and supply. Besides the languages offered currently, wouldn’t it be more ideal to move ahead by books in Russian or Chinese?

Giorgia:  It would be amazing to translate our books in Russian and Chinese but these markets need to have more “culture” of reading books on watches and we think they are not prepared yet for this. We are working hard on this.

AK: Tell us what is new with Rolex Story, and why this book worthy of any new and prospective collector’s library? Price? Features?

Giorgia: As you can read in answer number 4, this will be the most complete work on Rolex ever. And the most exclusive too. Only 300 copies for customers all over the world. A luxury not for everybody 🙂

Imagine to see the whole Rolex world in big size images and detailed information… A dream coming true !!

AK: When will this book start shipping?

Giorgia: We will deliver in September 2014.

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