Steel Rolex: A Collector’s Journey to Rediscovering Rolex Watches

Steel Rolex: A Collector’s Journey to Rediscovering Rolex Watches
A Cover Peek Preview by Alan Koh

The Rolex Steel book is a current publication in progress, authored by Guido and Giorgia Mondani. As announced on a few weeks ago, this brand new visual referencing guide will be printed in only 599 copies – signaling a hardcover-exclusivity by Mondani Editore. With delivery dates set for September 2013, the steeler anticipation is officially in full swing.

As much as we are routinal creatures, there will come a time when disruptive changes can shake up the perspectives hidden from sight. Mondani Editore is a publishing firm based in Genova, Italy specializing in organizational techniques of highly desirable watch brand information, images, and price guides. Having been around since 1979, these accumulated experience accounts for how a vintage Rolex or Patek Philippe collector can experience watch collecting – upon contact with Mondani’s publications. To learn more about the past, present and future of Mondani Editore publishing firm, please check out On Air with Alan Koh: An Exclusive Interview with Guido Mondani, and On Air with Alan Koh: An Exclusive Interview with Giorgia Mondani respectively.


“Persistence is to the character of man as carbon is to steel.” – Napolean Hill (1883 – 1970)

Giorgia Mondani’s inspirations for her co-authorship on this Steel Rolex book are attributed from the countless meetings with private collectors, and their prized Rolex possessions. It is almost as if these mechanical watches have taken upon a life of their own, and Giorgia’s mission to showcase these priceless collection pieces with a justified deviation from the norm. Moving away from ‘typical-typological’ (organization by type) categories, it is with her gained experience to dive into the world of Rolex upon a singular element – Steel, stainless steel to be exact.

Historical auction records have revealed that a large number of vintage Rolex watches that land on winning bidders’ wrists are represented by “stainless steel” models.  There’s no need to introduce James Bond Rolex Submariners such as references 6538, 6536, 5508, 5510 and so on…Ponder upon this: How much will a Rolex Submariner ref. 6200 with 3-6-9 markers cost in this day and age, and stainless steel models of Rolex from the 1950s know no boundaries in terms of acquisition price – not to mention the rising values in the future. Persistance for quality vintage watches is what keeps collectors in search of their next Rolex sunrise.


“The finest steel has to go through the hottest fire.” – Richard Nixon, ex-American President

The magical connection between a father and a daughter is existential regardless of country, state, or culture. Together, Guido and Giorgia has begun work early last year despite having to promote their very successful 2012 release of The Daytona Story. With Guido’s experience, and Giorgia’s receptiveness to the current state of the Rolex market, their combined efforts on Steel Rolex has led to an emergence of a thematic relevancy [to the Rolex brand] on this new ‘material-element‘ direction. Passion is the driving force behind the Mondani team, and what lies ahead in the coming months of planning for Rolex Steel’s release is like producing the finest steel through the hottest fire. Let’s check out Giorgia’s highlights in the following snippets as she takes us for a cover peek of what Steel Rolex will encompass…

steel rolex slipcase

Below is Giorgia’s chapter highlights on the new Mondani Edition entitled STEEL ROLEX:

Rolex Masters:
the most complicated Rolex watches

– Military Rolex:
Rolex watches that were part of the equipment of different army soldiers.
This chapter will show not only military Submariners but also military Cosmographs, GMT-Master and Turn-O-Graphs.rolex_sub_ara

Personalized Dials:
those Rolex with dials characterized by different logos, such as logos of companies, countries, ministers, Rolex retailers and much more.winn_dixie
a graphic element which gives importance and value to the watch.

Change color dials:
those Rolex with turning color dial. The most relevant colors are brown, light green and cream.
albino– Comex:
all Rolexes produced for Comex. Not only Submariner and Sea-Dweller but also Explorer and GMT-Master.


– Customized Rolexes by Bamford



– Stainless steel Rolexes with California Dial and other rare dials.ovetto

– Panerai Rolex
These watches achieved incredible prices.
This chapter will show every single model, such as the Radiomir 3646, the Panerai Luminor with transparent bezel, one of a kind watches and prototypes, instruments and tools for diving.

– Rolex Submariner with Explorer dials

Rolex Deepsea Challenge
The Rolex that accompanied James Cameron for 10,898 metres (35,756 feet), to reach the Challenger Deep, the ocean’s deepest point.

Furthermore, Steel Rolex will also show and describe all stainless steel Rolexes in production.

The updated price of every single watch will be provided thanks to the collaboration with some of the word’s most important dealers and collectors.

STEEL ROLEX just for vip customers

Steel Rolex represents a new concept, in terms of content and images.

Limited edition of only 599 examples, STEEL ROLEX is available by reservation only. Scheduled delivery date has been set for September 2013.

Note: has limited copies at hand. Any Asia-Pacific inquiries on this upcoming Steel Rolex reference book,  please kindly email me at: [email protected]



Steel Rolex, as seen in the preview cover peeks above, is a new concept with a maximal coverage of both vintage and current events revolving Rolex. From Bamford’s successful “bespoke” Rolex watches, to James Cameron’s endeavouring deep sea record breaking feat, it is evident that you and I are entering into a new phase of what Hans Wilsdorf has started. There’s a substantiated reason why Rolex has been, and still is a successful iconic brand that stands on its own, in times of up’s and down’s, and Steel Rolex is an exemplary documentation of how a metal element can stir and shake collectors up, upon contact with a Rolex watch. There’s no explanation for this is a phenomenon I am still trying to make sense of… and the Steel Rolex book represents a collector’s journey to rediscovering Rolex watches. Thank you for your time on this article. Till September, a comprehensive review is in order.

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